Check out what the 2017 Funk Roberts Fitness Retreat Peeps are saying about their experience!

Listen to Danny’s experience at the 2017 Funk Fitness Retreat

This is what Danny said after one of the Funk workouts

Heather’s is a trainer from Toronto who came to the Retreat and check out here experience

Yann from France had an amazing time at the 2017 Fitness Retreat in Thailand

Sharia’s Testimonial

Jack is 18 years old and has Type 2 Diabetes but has never trained more, eaten more and had and incredible time at the Retreat

Veron’s Experience After The Muay Thai Session

Bev is incredible and shows that age is just a number. Check out her experience

Veron came just to support his friend but ended up having an amazing 2017 Fitness Retreat experience

This is what Bev said after the Kettlebell Workshop

Testimonial Video – Lemar

Charlotte Testimonial

Malik’s Testimonial

Jules Testimonial


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